Wickerman 2018 tickets are on sale now!!!!!!


Set up days, Tuesday, June 19th and Wednesday June 20th

Main Event, Thursday, June 21st – Sunday June 24th

Art Grant submissions are now open!


WickerMan was founded on the 10 principles of Burning Man, and is continually growing a Burn Culture that is ecologically sustainable and Earth Aware in this emerging age of limits. Sinking roots in a place that was Made to Burn.

What is WickerMan? WickerMan is a burn, it’s an art-festival an experiment in intentional, temporary community.  We take pride in spending a huge amount of money on helping artists make art via art-grants!  Then we take all the art (well most of it) and put it all in a pile and burn it on Sunday morning.

WickerMan is made by, with and for You and Planning happens 365 days a year. Get in touch with the planning group via e-mail with questions, comments, and concerns.  Stay tuned on our facbook group and here for updated information as we plan this year’s burn!


*Have a Service Dog? Please Read the Four Quarters Service Dog Policy*

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