WickerMan Burn 2016
Thursday, June 9th – Sunday, June 12th
At Four Quarters, Artemas, PA

Set-Up Days start Monday the 6th at 10am.

WickerMan was founded on the 10 principles of Burning Man, and is continually growing a Burn Culture that is ecologically sustainable and Earth Aware in this emerging age of limits. Sinking roots in a place that was Made to Burn. We Burn the WickerMan Saturday the 11th at Four Quarters Interfaith.

WickerMan is made by, with and for You!  Got a crazy idea?  Maybe you can be a theme camp with your friends, or you need an art-grant to realize your dream?  OR maybe you just want to add something to the Schedule so we can do it with you.  Whatever you dream, just take a deep breath, and make it happen!

2016 Draft Schedule

Last Year’s Schedule- 2015 DeProgramme

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