Updated 2019-04-8-19, lots of new stuff!

Burn the Man!WickerMan 2019
is at Re-Launch!
Thur June 20th
thru Sun 23rd!

    You probably know that our name, and our WickerMan Burn Facebook page, were hijacked. Made communicating and organizing the Burn rather difficult.
     We now have a Federal Court Order protecting our Burn and our use of our name, “WickerMan.”
    The other folks have renamed their event “Summer Isle,” same date as WickerMan and just 17 miles up the road. Hey, go figure, we wish them the best of luck.

    So we have a bit of catch up to do. Our  “WickerMan Burn” Facebook group page is back up and running, but you will have to log-on in order to follow it. Please do.

    But before you do that please visit “The Hijack, Her-story,” on this website.
    It’s important reading in order to understand just what happened, and how.

    Given the hijack and the now late date to begin organizing, it is impossible to predict what attendance might be, which also makes it impossible for us to budget. In 2017 and 2018 we had 1,200 people at Wickerman. If we have one half of that number this year we will call it good. But WickerMan has, or had, a large +$25k budget for Arts; and we simply do not know how to guarantee that kind of budget this year.

            So…   We propose a new and re-grooved WickerMan Burn.
    Firstly, we are simplifying registration pricing by a bit. And as we go, we will establish a new Art Grant budget, and we will announce Art Grant availability on our Facebook group page. Look for it. But for now the Art will be what you bring and contribute! As it should be! Theme Camps still need to register, so we can allocate space.
     So to register, you can call Ivy, or use ticketing cart!

            That’s a flat $50 preregistered for WM Veterans
            and $65 for a  first-timer.
            $75 at the Gate.
            (if you purchased a ticket at a slightly higher price
                we will refund the difference when you arrive.)

    We will provide potties, dumpsters, and all water and hot shower systems will be up and running. “Bread and Circus” will be baking bread. We have already purchased the fireworks for which WickerMan is known. There will be a BIG pile of lumber and goodies for building “The Man.”
            And a BIG surprise!
    Which brings us to “The Man.” 
        … Call this a Retro Burn. A roll your own.
        … A Back to Basics Re-Turn to Burn principles.
        … And certainly our own principles of low impact, ZERO trash, green awareness, and the thoughtful speech and kind actions for which WickerMan is known.
    This is not a rice beer party. Bring your kids. Bring yourself. Bring your Mom.
    Bring your own art, your positive energy and your engagement.
    If you arrive early you will find a big pile of lumber, heavy equipment and carpentry tools. But not much in the way of a design for The Man, because we will create that as we go.
    Building The Man will be a group process, in the moment.
    We will keep it safe…  you will make it Art.
    Burn The Man!

   We Burn The Man In New Camp!

   See the Map!

Wednesday, June 19th 9AM till 8PM** for early setup @ N/C.
Thursday, June 20th 9AM till Midnight, 1st night.
Friday, June 21st 9AM till Midnight, 2nd night.
Saturday, June 22nd 9AM till 5PM, just in time for The Burn.
Sunday June 23rd  Event ends at 5PM 
   (10 bucks a day before Weds and late stay to camp Sunday night)

Notes from Four Quarters:
All cars must remain on gravel roads when in camp.  Please try to be understanding of this when packing in and out as it is for the good of the land.
    Just unload vehicles, return them to parking and then setup your site.  Tear down camp and have things ready to load when leaving Sunday.  The less time your car is on the road,  loading and unloading, the easier it will be to get everybody in and out.
    WickerMan was founded in 2008 on the 10 principles of Burning Man, and is continually growing a Burn Culture that is ecologically sustainable and Earth Aware in this emerging Age of Limits. Sinking roots in a place that was Made to Burn.
    What is WickerMan? WickerMan is a burn, it’s an art-festival, an experiment in intentional/temporary community.  We take pride in spending a huge amount of money on helping artists make art via art-grants!  Then we take all the art (well most of it) and put it all in a pile and burn it on Sunday morning.
    WickerMan is made by, with and for You and Planning happens 365 days a year. Get in touch with the planning group via e-mail with questions, comments, and concerns.  Stay tuned here for updated information as we plan this year’s burn!

*Have a Service Dog? Please Read the Four Quarters Service Dog Policy*

Can’t find the answer to your question, try the FAQ!

Download and print a copy of the 2018 DeProgramme using this link! DeProgramme2018_FINAL

Save a Tree and just use your digital device to look at our 2018 DeProgramme using this link!