Updated 2019-02-10, lots of new stuff!

Burn the Man!
WickerMan 2019
is at Launch!
Thur June 20th
thru Sun 23rd!

Limited-Edition super-discount 1-hour speed-sale
$45 dollar, 100 ticket batch available 12:00 noon, Thursday, Feb 14th;
until sold out – The Full Moon!

And announcing…     We Burn The Man In New Camp!

      Doubling the size of Camp. See the Map!

This will be the biggest effigy we have ever attempted.
Build team will be forming late March!
Way too Early Arrival for the Effigy Build,
the weekend before.

    Early Bird Tier $60 until Midnight Mar 17th.
    Four Quarters Members $40.

Did you know? Over 25% of the tickets available for WickerManBurn are super-discount and sell out by the middle of March!

Wednesday, June 19th 9AM till 8PM** for early setup @ N/C.
Thursday, June 20th 9AM till Midnight, 1st night.
Friday, June 21st 9AM till Midnight, 2nd night.
Saturday, June 22nd 9AM till 5PM, just in time for The Burn.
Sunday June 23rd  Event ends at 5PM 
   (10 bucks a day before Weds and late stay to camp Sunday night)

Notes from Four Quarters:
All cars must remain on gravel roads when in camp.  Please try to be understanding of this when packing in and out as it is for the good of the land.
    Just unload vehicles, return them to parking and then setup your site.  Tear down camp and have things ready to load when leaving Sunday.  The less time your car is on the road,  loading and unloading, the easier it will be to get everybody in and out.
    WickerMan was founded in 2008 on the 10 principles of Burning Man, and is continually growing a Burn Culture that is ecologically sustainable and Earth Aware in this emerging Age of Limits. Sinking roots in a place that was Made to Burn.
    What is WickerMan? WickerMan is a burn, it’s an art-festival, an experiment in intentional/temporary community.  We take pride in spending a huge amount of money on helping artists make art via art-grants!  Then we take all the art (well most of it) and put it all in a pile and burn it on Sunday morning.
    WickerMan is made by, with and for You and Planning happens 365 days a year. Get in touch with the planning group via e-mail with questions, comments, and concerns.  Stay tuned here for updated information as we plan this year’s burn!

*Have a Service Dog? Please Read the Four Quarters Service Dog Policy*

Can’t find the answer to your question, try the FAQ!

Download and print a copy of the 2018 DeProgramme using this link! DeProgramme2018_FINAL

Save a Tree and just use your digital device to look at our 2018 DeProgramme using this link!