The new and improved

Hey Wickerfolks!

I know you’re out there, I can see the hits on the website.  The Wickerman organizers have been working tirelessly to make this years burn even more awesome than last years.  I know it’s gonna be tough to beat dancing around the burning effigy in a downpour but we are gonna try.  As you can see we’ve got a new and improved  The web guru, Josh, (that’s me) has this crazy plan to help stave of the Wickerman withdrawals by building this page and turning it into an awesome year round, cyberspace, after party/pregame.

That’s where you come in!

See the organizers could crank out blog posts for your amusement all year.  The problem is we know you are burners.  Burners don’t want passive entertainment.  They want to create!  They want to build their own community.  So here is the deal…We want content.  You want content.  We want your help in building that content.

Plug your theme camp.  Give guidance to new burners.  Tell me an awesome Wickerman story.  Tell me how the principles are carrying over to your everyday life.  Write some burn related poetry for your fellow burners to enjoy.

Submit your editorials, stories, and other awesome articles to
(photos too!)

We can’t promise you everything will get used.  We will try but, after all we will be picking from among the best of the best in terms of artistic content creators, our very own Wickerfamily!

When submitting please include your name, and if you have one the name of your theme camp for crediting.

Okay I have rambled long enough.  If you have skipped to the bottom because I type too much,

We want to hear from you!

On behalf of the rest of the organizer team and myself,

Can’t wait to see you again, Happy Wickerman.

Josh(the web guy)


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3 Responses to The new and improved

  1. Paul Barraud says:

    I apologize for my ignorance. What is going on besides the party’s and what is the reason?

  2. Paul Barraud says:

    I am interested to see and do

    • CaptRose says:

      Well, last years schedule I’d posted on the home page, but basically art, fun, and games. The art is a big component with many small and large pieces created just for the event. Lots of fire spinning, lots of food and a few pirates, there’ll be a few bands and some electric music, bon fires and then on Saturday we burn a 30ft tall sculpture to the ground….

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