2018 Registered Camps

Here’s who we’ve got so far!

Conveying energy through music, mixed live, bringing quality sound.

We’re harnessing the power of the elements to bring forth All the Ahhh for Wickerman 2018. Enter into the Abode of Elemental Peace (aka Sanctuary South) where the calming resonance of our tropical waterfall cascade and downtempo turkish lounge will bring ultimate relaxation. Join us in our 150º F sauna dome where norovirus goes to die. Our 24-hour body buffing and massage station is open for your pleasure. Our healing temple will ground and center you. Thoughtful workshops and guest speakers will titilate your neurons and open reality tunnels hereuntofor unconsidered. Ascend into the skyLOUNGE where homebrewed mead, kombucha, and beers will slake your thirst and lubricate your inhibitions. Impromptu drumming, yoga sessions, and hot cupping may manifest. Camp )*( Elemental! Now with 10% more relaxation or triple your money back! We chill harder than you party!

The Mint is your go-to location for classic Vegas vibes, fire and flame effects, music, drinks, dancing, and general Merri-Mint!

Cenosillicaphobia is a burner camp dedicated to the fine art of the home brew – be it beer, cider, or mead – and finding the best company to share it with. So do you, too, suffer from Cenosilicaphobia—the fear of an empty glass? Bring your lonely mug by, and we’ll put your fears to rest. We’re serving up beers, ciders and meads – all homebrewed by on-site camp members. Plus, our brewers love to talk shop, whether you’re a long time brewer or hoping to get started!

This is our 11th year at Wickerman! We are a geeky camp who loves to meet people! This year we’ll be doing spray paint art demonstrations and our annual BBQ where we feed the masses! Come by our camp and say hi!

Goblins are a mischievous, loud, and intelligent bunch. While goblins can be vengeful, greedy creatures whose primary purpose is to cause trouble to humankind, there is a smaller population of Goblins that possess a kinder, or more neutral temperament. Regardless of the type, though, all Goblins are rumored to hold various kinds of special abilities, often magical in nature. Goblin markets are famous for exquisite crafts, rare potions, and the finest magical items. Trust goblins not, for the cost of these items far exceeds the worth! Goblin: From Old Northern French gobelin (compare Normand goubelin, Walloon gobelin), possibly a blend of Old Dutch *kobeholdo (“goblin”) and Late Latin cobalus (“mountain sprite”), from Ancient Greek κόβαλος (kóbalos, “rogue, knave; goblin”).

Camp Teapee is an interactive endurance performance art installation. Herbal ginger tea is brewed over a campfire and served throughout the event. Shadow puppet crankies will be also performed from a converted 1978 VW bus!

We will be making Bacon Pancakes

Camp Balance, living life as balanced creatures.

Karakhana: Undisputed Territory is an Israeli camp, bringing the sounds and spirit of Israel to Wickerman. With the sounds of Psytrance & Goa music, a Gogol Bordello happy hour & a trippy lounge area surrounded by art, the space will be easy to get lost in! Karakhana: the euphoric climax happening amidst mass chaos, often in trance parties.

Studies show that although the majority of the population approves of and values libraries, a portion of THAT population does not regularly visit their local library. Are you one of these folks? WELL NOW IS YOUR FUCKING CHANCE! Do your civic duty and stop by our library – the best damn library at WickerMan! Take as many of our books as you wish to keep forever cause we don’t have overdue fines! Book limit? WHAT LIMIT? JUST TAKE THE DAGGONE BOOKS ALREADY, PEOPLE. We also give away custom-made bookmarks and MOOP tins! Warning: Exposure to Librarians might result in heckling, snarkasm, puns, laughgasms, and other forms of wit, warmth, and whimsy!

We are bringing several synthesizers for hands on demos and workshops. Will play space-themed music (as a DJ) from time to time, perform some live electronic music (at least one hour of ambient, half hour of piano, half hour of just sound effects, other impromptu playing), play space-related music videos, and have at least one movie night (some cheesy movie, maybe a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode), projected on a white sheet.