Art Grants

Art Grants


     WickerMan commits to spending a majority of our budget on funding art.  Art grants vary in size. We like funding lots of small projects, but we also have the capacity to fund very large installations.

Things that can be funded:

-Paint, Wood, Socks, Fabric, String, Rope, Batteries, E-L Wire
-Materials for Large Installations
-Materials for small installations or give-aways
-Materials for Decorations
-Materials for workshops and activities
-Propane and fuel for fire art

Things that we do not fund:

-Compensation for artists’ time
-Tickets – Everyone buys a ticket, even the organizers

How do I apply?

Please download the Art Grant Application, complete it, attach your visual aides and send it to Your application will not be considered until you have purchased a ticket to the event.  If you have questions, that’s the same e-mail you should use to get in touch with the committee!

Time Line For 2019:

Art Grants OPEN: February 14, 2019
Art Grant Submissions CLOSE: March 31, 2019