New Camp!

New Camp!

     New Camp is a hidden valley just to the West of our river. 10 acres of very gently rolling verdant pasture with 4 acres in tall, old, Oak and Hickory. Three different swimming holes along the river backed by 150 foot cliffs. And when we say hidden, it is. This  winter picture was just our try to give a feel for how big, and how hidden New Camp is.
     We purchased New Camp in 2015 and have never stopped working on it since. We had to cut a new road into the valley from State Route 26, clear and restore the severely overgrown pastures. In 2018 we finished the interior loop road system and water control features. And held our first major event,  that used land on both sides of the river to park and camp over 2,700 attendees.

Waaay back in the field is a pickup truck!

     WickerMan was founded in 2008, and we have always Burned the Man in the clearing of The High Meadow. His height and base diameter have been limited, simply because if we build any bigger, it might fall over into the trees! Attendance has grown, from 500 when we started to 1,500 now. And with our generous Art and Theme Camp grants the amount of Land used by the camps gets bigger every year, the past few years expanding into Hill Top Camp.

      New Camp will give us the space to spread out and Burn on a scale we haven’t seen before. We can have a true circular Playa of camps around the Man, with plenty of room for Fire Arts and Conclave. And we can build the kind of effigy we simply could not when we burned on the East side of the river. Space for cranes, cherry-picker lifts and the other technical impedimenta of our dreams. Flame spewing backhoe and bulldozer wars are a recurrent idea! And in keeping with WickerMan’s high funding of the Arts… with a budget to match.

     Automobile access is by a PA DOT approved roadway off of State Route 26. From Main Camp access is by two river crossings, both usable by foot and one usable by our equipment… but not by passenger cars.
     For WickerMan we will be using our two magic school buses for shuttle service (Great Volunteer Opportunity), running from the White Pines intersection in Main Camp, through Hill Top Camp and on into New Camp.  That’s one of our Orange Uglies off in the morning mists at The NightMare Festival in New Camp.

To the left is our WickerMan Burn 2019 map that shows New Camp, Main Camp and Hill Top. Our road system and how they are all interconnected.

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Theme Camp and Playa layout for New Camp.

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Playa and Theme Camps
     The interior of the Playa is 150 feet in diameter, outside it’s almost 300 ft. Bisected East-West by a 40 foot equipment path; and North-South by a 20 foot walking path.
     There are 24 Theme Camp locations surrounding the Playa in four major arcs, each is about 1,300 square feet, about equal to a 25 x 55 foot rectangle.
     This is new to all of us, and we will be creative in exactly where and how much space, we place. Let us know what you need and we will figure it out.

     The Four Theme Camps on the East-West entrances are extra special, well placed to be the most welcoming, engaging, proactive and participative.
By definition they will receive significant Theme Camp Grants, and will be the largest on The Playa.
     If you and your crew are interested in this kind of creative challenge, call or email the Four Quarters office, soonest!

      We have some buried gen-power lines, and we hope to have more in place by the Burn. If your Theme Camp proposal includes lights, we will bust us to make it happen!
     All roads are in #3 crushed stone with geo-tex underlayment. Yeah, we’re nuts about our roads. And it does rain.
     The WaterWorx is in the works, you do not need to bring drinking water.
     Firewood and Ice on sale at Camp Central – The Borg.