YOU create WickerMan. There is no pre-packaged booked content.  You are not a mere attendee but rather an active participant! Without you there is no WickerMan. Here are some ways to participate:

Make Something

Create an art installation, a theme camp, an art car, or a performance. Hook up with an existing project or make your own.

Gift Something

WickerMan is a gift economy in which we give gifts without expecting anything in return. Gifts can be anything from a hug to a cup of coffee, breakfast, or even art your new WickerFriends can take home with them.


Volunteer to help during set-up, Volunteer to greet fellow attendees, help with MOOP patrol, be a ranger, make coffee etc.. Oh, look, more information!

Bring Your Friends

Please share our event page and group on Facebook.  Also, help to promote our fundraising parties, or even help organize one yourself.  Later in the year we’ll post flyers you can post in your local area.