Quick FAQ

  • Will Tickets Sell out?
    It’s unlikely but possible.  Save money by buying your tickets early in the process as the price goes up with every tier.
  • Can I play music at my camp?
    All amplified sound must be pre-registered.  Yes, even if it’s a boom box.  Register, by registering for a theme camp.
  • When does theme-camp/art-grant/activity registration end?
    Art Grant Applications are due by March 17th at midnight. Registration for everything else will end April 20th so we have time to format the DeProgramme.
  • Is there a Sound Policy?
    Yes!  It’s set by our venue.  It limits the number of sound systems and the volume at which it can be played… which is why you have to pre-register your sound system via the theme-camp registration page!
  • How do I Vend and WickerMan?
    Short answer- you don’t.  There is no vending or monetary exchanges at WickerMan. The event can help make your project cost-neutral with art-grants, but no one makes money at WickerMan it’s not the point.
  • About In-Camp Car Camping and RVs by Permit
    During WickerMan there will be no car-camping in mail camp. All cars, trailers and RVs must be parked in Main Parking at the top of the hill near the labyrinth. There is no fee for parking ones trailer or RV in the Parking area. And there are no Hook-Ups or dump stations on the property. (Please do call the 4QF office with questions)
  • Got another question? Email Me, I’ll answer you question and then post it here too!