The Crew

      Founded in 2008, WickerMan Burn has had many people who help make it happen. Non-member volunteers, Four Quarters Members, the rotating Planning Team, and core staff.  Down in the basement are the people who feed the boilers, makin’ steam. Meet The Crew.

Orren Whiddon

Four Quarters Member since 1994, Member Board of Directors. Founded WickerManBurn in 2008, Lead Planner and Effigy Design/Build thru to 2012. Manager responsible for WMB budget and payments; all art grant final approvals and expense payments; liability insurance; police, local fire and rescue; compliance with Township Ordinances and Supervisors. Effigy Design/Build 2019. Member Monastic Community, Vow of Poverty.

Mike McConnell

Four Quarters Member since 2004, Member Board of Directors. Lead planner of WickerMan from 2008. Responsible for all camp operations, water, sewer, power and safety at WickerMan. Certified by PA DEP to operate our licensed water system. Fire Toy Player and Designer from the late 1990’s. Built and operates the “Propane Cannons” and numerous hand-held toys. Responsible for organizing the Fire Conclave, fire workshops and all Fire Play approvals. Final responsibility Effigy Build, Burn and Safety. Over-all approval for Theme Camp assignments and Sound Town operation. Member Monastic Community, Vow of Poverty.

Ivy Sturm

Four Quarters Member since 1997, Member Board of Directors. Founded “Bread and Circus” Theme Camp in the camp kitchen in 2009. Since 2013 has operated all WMB registrations, ticket sales and WMB financials in accounting system. She is the “Human” at the other end of your phone call, and handles all incoming phone questions, ticket changes and runs our physical Front Office Registrations for days on end during WickerMan. Member Monastic Community, Vow of Poverty.

Kurt Griffith

Four Quarters Member since 1995, Member Board of Directors. Native Sweat Lodge facilitator, has led the Sweat Lodge Ceremonies at WickerMan since 2016. Assisted with publications and website graphics, and Art Directs Four Quarters’ Wheel of the Year Calendar.

Chris Engdahl

Four Quarters Member since 2012. Master Carpenter. Since 2017 responsible for Parking Operations, Water System, Gensets and supplies at WickerMan. Member Monastic Community, Vow of Poverty.
(Parking is like power, when it works nobody notices, when the power fails, it’s everyone’s disaster. Chris makes parking work in the mud!)

Nicole Tossas

Four Quarters Staff from 2009. General Manager of “BugDub,” the largest annual festival held at Four Quarters, with lead responsibility for all Theme Camps, Art Grant Awards and Workshops at WickerMan.

Zach Bennett

Four Quarters Staff from 2010. “BugDub’s” Chief Roustabout, with lead responsibility for all grounds issues, making stuff work when it won’t, Rangers and Effigy crew at WickerMan.

Carrie Krystek

Four Quarters Member since 1995, President of the Board of Directors. Lead Planner of WickerMan from 2008 to 2012. Beginning in 2017 responsible for Greeters and Food Safety Education.


What’s this monestary stuff?…  Glad you asked.
    Four Quarters was built for progressive arts and spirituality;  the space and freedom to have an spectacular burn year after year.
     We are a true non-profit, a Church and Monastery, our onsite staff live under Vows of Poverty and Service, without wage, salary or personal benefit.
      The Land is owned by the Church, and can never go back into private hands, we think that matters. A Lot!
     Sounds weird we know, but idealism is something to be lived!