The FaceBook Hack

      Yes, our FaceBook WickerManBurn Group page has been hacked, and you are not alone in being confused, that was the point! Our Google Docs files were deleted along with some of our email history, and we are locked out of our FB subscriber list. But the back end of our server remained secure.

      The hack is being litigated in the courts to defend our TradeMark name, and we are very confident, but owing to the pace of the courts we are unlikely to have a ruling before tickets go on sale mid-February. That is especially troubling since 25% of our ticket sales are low-income discounted tickets available through mid-March, and we have no easy way to reach out to these people. When we have a court ruling we will be publicly posting the court records and evidence… people can then form their own opinions.

      But there is only one WickerMan, organized by and held at Four Quarters since 2008; and so unique that it seems to be worth purloining! Our web site is up and completely revised, digital ticketing facility is waiting for the Feb 14th launch.        Got a question? Call a human 814-784-3080.

      And we have some amazing new developments this year.

*      We are moving The Effigy Burn to New Camp, 10 acres of level pasture with 4 acres of wooded camping on the West side of our river, with shuttle bus service connecting to Main Camp.
*     New Camp will have a circular Playa for 28 large theme camps, centered around The Man. Water, ice, coffee, power for lights, excellent roads, swimming in the river and camping in the Old Forest.
*     For the first time we will be awarding four MAJOR Theme Camp Grants for The Playa in New Camp.
*     And very important, we know that in recent years design/build of The Man has been restricted to “Insiders.” We are returning to our roots with an open process, and beginning the build the weekend before, as in years past. This years Man will have the largest budget we have ever attempted.

    So please, spread this word and join us, as We Burn the Man!