Theme Camps

What is a Theme Camp?

There’s not a great answer here.  A theme camp is more than just camping with your friends.  It’s a place where people gather to create art, community and participation.  At WickerMan Theme Camps bring a majority of the content. We often have several music camps that provide open stages for DJs and bands to perform, several camps that gift food or just provide crazy fun times for everyone.
[Here’s a list of last years camps for inspiration!]

Benefits of Being a Theme Camp?

*Reserved placement for your group. You can reserve as much space as you need, even if you’re bringing a giant trampoline, a stage, or a pirate ship.
*It’s the only way to play amplified sound. Yup, gotta register as a camp to even have a boom box.
*You get on the map! That way people can find you when they get here.

Responsibilities of a Theme Camp:

*Take care of your MOOP. You’ve got to have a trash plan!
*Gotta follow the other rules too, like with your sound. The venue doesn’t have a lot of neighbors, but we gotta make sure they can’t hear your bass at 2am.
*Promote Participation, Art and the rest of the principles!

How Do I Become A Theme Camp?

All you have to do is register. You could download the application fill it out and e-mail to OR look there’s a form!

Registration cutoff for Wickerman 2017 Theme camps is April 15th 2017