Compulsive Pre-Planner Tickets- (February 14th only Limited Quantity)- $45
Early Bird Tickets- (Valentines Day-St. Patrick’s Day)- $60
Average Joe Tickets- (St. Patrick’s Day- Tax Day)- $70 on Sale Now!
Better Late than Never Tickets- (April 16- May 11)- $80
We’ve Still Got ’em Gate Tickets- (May 11- Burn Day) $90

Before you go to TicketFly Please read this:

  • Children under 16 are loved, cherished and FREE, they DO need to be ‘buy’ a ticket for $0 via the ticket link.
  • If you have a service dog, please read the full service dog policy and make sure you call 4QF to pre-register your dog. (814-784-3080)
  • Your Credit Card statement will say Four Quarters.
  • You will need to enter correct address information into the payment system or your transaction will be declined! If it is declined confirm the address on your bank statement before trying again. Depending on your bank, occasionally declined transactions create “pending” holds on your account.
  • Info for members of Four Quarters (you know who you are!): Please email or call the 4QF office to update and pay for your membership for 2017 and receive your coupon code so you can purchase your ticket for the reduced price. There are two codes one for members to get a $40 ticket, and one for Promoting members for a $0 ticket. Please indicate in your e-mail what type of membership you have to ensure you get the correct code.
  • New this year tickets are being sold via TicketFly. This means that you will need to bring a printed copy of the e-ticket, or your phone with the bar-code on it WITH YOU to 4QF in June. Please make sure you use a GOOD e-mail address to buy your tickets. 
  • The first time a ticket is scanned will be the ONLY time it is valid.
  • Do Call Ticketfly Customer Support: 877.987.6487  for  any ticket needs.
  • Gate Times
    Tuesday and Wednesday              Thursday                 Friday                   Saturday
                   8am-5pm                                 8am-Midnight             8am-2am                 8am-7pm

Here is the URL if you need it:

Questions, concerns, comments and difficulties should be directed to Captain Rose.

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