Where We Burn

Nestled in the lovely foothills of Pennsylvania, is a place known as Four Quarters InterFaith. We are located 100 miles from Baltimore, and DC. Our address is 190 Walker Lane, Artemas, PA 17211.  GPS @ Four Quarters InterFaith.   We do amazing things all year round at www.4QF.ORG.  

Google Maps gives great directions! Click here to open google maps.

     Four Quarters was built for progressive arts and spirituality;  the space and freedom to have an spectacular burn year after year.
     We are a true non-profit, a Church and Monastery, our onsite staff live under Vows of Poverty and Service, without wage, salary or personal benefit.
     Sounds weird we know, but idealism is something to be lived!

     Over the years we have removed the Land from Bank Mortgages, to be held in trust free from private ownership, and built quite a bit along the way!

* Free, fresh, clean piped drinking water.
* 2 Bath Houses with flush toilets.
* Free Hot Water Showers with on demand and endless hot water (plus a group shower bay, Save Water, Save Time, Keep Hanging Out, Keep the party going, Shower with a friend!)
* An Environmentally Protected mountain river with multiple swimming holes.
* Lots of camping, by the river, on sunny hilltops and in the deep woods.
* On-Site Firewood for purchase. Ice too!

And the Heart of Four Quarters.
Our 250 ft diameter Standing Stone Circle.

Yeah, we’re crazy… but you knew that.