Four Quarters’ Policies

    Four Quarters has the following camping policies. Please read them in advance and keep them in mind as you plan your trip.

        About Your Trash
    Four Quarters is Green and so is WickerMan. We do not provide trash service ; you must pack out everything you bring in. (LEAVE NO TRACE!!)  Littering is profound disrespect of the land and will be a cause for expulsion. Put your cigarette butts in your pockets.  

          About Our Drug and Alcohol Policy
    Controlled substances and contraband are as illegal at Four Quarters as anywhere else. (Yup still illegal in PA) The legal drinking age in PA is 21 and under 21’s will be separately wrist-banded!
    Please, no public area drinking of alcohol in original containers; put that brew in a coffee cup. We have ZERO tolerance for nasty drunks of any kind.
     We reserve the right to search vehicles upon entering the premises and confiscate contraband. We have BUSTED major contraband distribution in the past and we will bust you, so don’t sell! 


         About Camping during WickerMan
    All camping at Four Quarters is “Open Camping”. When you arrive you and the folks you are camping with will find an open space on the land and set up your campsite.  Please be mindful of  marked “no camping” areas, as well as marked areas reserved for registered Theme Camps and Art Installations
          About Grounds Fees
    Four Quarters is happy to have Wicker-Folk arrive early or stay for an extra night after the burn.  The fees are $5 per night for 4QF Members; $10 per night for non-members.
          About Our Clothing Policy
    There is no Clothing Policy in the Main Camp during WickerMan (June 20th-23rd, 2019). 
    Four Quarters regular clothing policy is applicable at all other times, just dress like you would for a day at the beach, with skinny dipping in the river.
          About Camp Etiquette
    Be a good neighbor and respect others. No private radios or amplified instruments, no excessively loud noise, and of course, no weapons.  All amplified sound must be pre-registered and approved through the theme camp registration process.
          About Camp Fires
    Never, ever move rocks to line a fire ring! Creating an open Fire Pit is forbidden at Four Quarters. Please do not stockpile wood; unburned wood must be returned to the wood piles by staff in order to allow us to care for the grounds. Please do not burn paper, plastic or foil in your fire ring; it leaves a poisonous residue that kills the soil. Please do return your Fire Ring to Registration or Hospitality and never, ever leave your fire unattended.
          About Your Car
    The Camp is for People, and Parking Areas are for Cars. We are positively anti-automobile, so please return your car to Parking as soon as possible after off-loading your camping gear. Please do not drive your car into the wooded areas of camp and do observe the “No Vehicles” signs; just pull your vehicle off the road and carry your gear the last few feet to your camp site.
     Please do not ever leave your vehicle in any intersections or in any of the entrances to the High Meadow or the Kitchen. Not even for a minute.
         About In-Camp Parking by Permit
     There is no in-camp parking during WickerMan.
If you have a handicap placard please call the 4QF office in advance for a special permit and instructions.
          About In-Camp Car Camping and RVs by Permit
     During WickerMan there will be no car-camping in Main Camp. All cars, trailers and RVs must be parked in Main Parking at the top of the hill near the labyrinth. There is no fee for parking ones trailer or RV in the Parking area. And there are no Hook-Ups or dump stations on the property. (Please do call the 4QF office with questions)
          About Swimming
     Feel free to swim in the Hemlock Hole or the other swimming holes. But remember that it is wild, natural and dangerous. NO PROVISIONS FOR YOUR SAFETY HAVE BEEN TAKEN! YOU SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK! Please do not get out of the water on the far bank, and NEVER, NEVER jump into the water. To do so is cause for expulsion. And please, no soap of any kind may be used in the creek. The beavers hate it.
          About Your Campsite
     Camp as lightly as possible upon the land. Dig no drainage ditches around your tents and no tent stakes closer than 6 feet to a graveled road. Please do not camp in the marked workshop or sacred sites. The Big Bottom is a Members Only Camping Area. Please observe the posted “No Vehicle” areas of camp.
          About Our Showers
     Our showers are everlastingly hot, and are self-serve any time the kitchen generator is operating. Read the posted instructions and enjoy! Have twice the fun, shower with a friend, save water and fuel.
          About Drum Circle
     A safe, sacred space to ride the spirit of the Drum. Please be aware that at WickerMan, Drum Circle is cleaned and prepared each evening as an act of service and volunteerism, helping to maintain the Drum Circle at Four Quarters as a place of mystery, magic and respect.
      When sharing Drum Circle remember that alcohol and tobacco are not permitted on the sanded areas and No Glass of any kind. If you drum, please group yourself around the Jun-Juns (bass drums) in the south of the circle, forming a crescent of support for the dancers and the people. If you like to drum while sitting, bring a chair; and please do not drag the wooden benches towards the fire until very late in the evening.
          About Pets and Service Animals
     Absolutely NO PETS of any kind are allowed at Four Quarters.
     Only DOGS qualify as Service Animals under Federal Law.
     Emotional Support Animals are not Service dogs and are not permitted at Four Quarters. If your Service Animal is registered with a volunteer registry, wearing a marked Service Dog harness and fully trained; you will find our staff and attendees very supportive of your teams presence here at Four Quarters. All Service Dogs Must be Pre-Registered (at no charge) to attend events at Four Quarters. Please read the full Service Dog policy below and then call 814-784-3080 to pre-register your service dog.
Our Pet and Service Dog policy at Four Quarters is taken directly from Federal Statute and regulatory law. Our plain English policy is stated below. The following is the full Service Dog policy at Four Quarters Four Quarters Service Dog Policy
* As a Church, Four Quarters InterFaith is specifically exempt from ADA Service Dog statute. However, Four Quarters is extremely supportive of legitimate Service Dogs and their owners.
* Absolutely NO PETS of any kind are allowed at Four Quarters.
* Only DOGS qualify as Service Animals under Federal Law.
* Emotional Support Animals are not Service Dogs, and are not permitted at Four Quarters.
* Service Dogs at Four Quarters must be preregistered (at no charge) to attend an event at Four Quarters.
* Service Dogs in training are not Service Dogs under Federal Law and will be permitted on a case by case basis.
* Service Dogs at Four Quarters must wear a “Service Dog” labeled harness, we prefer that they are registered.
* The Service Dog must at all times be tethered to and/or in the full control of their owner unless engaged in the disability mitigation task for which they are trained.
* A Service Dog may never be handled by or tethered to a person other than their owner.
* The Service Dog must always be in “Full Stay” command position when not performing the service for which they have been trained.
* The Service Dog must be fully trained to urinate or defecate only under the control of their owner.
* We will ask, ” What work or task has this animal been trained to perform to mitigate your disability?”
* In order to be considered a “Service Dog” under U.S. federal law, a dog must be partnered with an individual with a disability AND perform specific, trained task work to mitigate that disability. Task work is not optional. If a dog doesn’t perform task work, it is not a Service Dog.In closing, if your Service Animal is registered with a volunteer registry, wearing a marked Service Dog harness and fully trained; you will find our staff and attendees very supportive of your teams presence here at Four Quarters. Welcome!