First Timer’s Guide

Provided by Val Lombardi who heads up the Rhovanion theme camp, the following guide gives some insight into the burn and good ways to come prepared.

First Time at Wickerman? Here’s a good compilation of things to help you have an AWESOME TIME! Have you been to Wickerman before? Want to add a few things that we forgot? Please do so!! J

We’re Rhovanion. This is our 6th year at Wickerman! Feel free to stop by our camp and say hi! We are across from the Coffee Dragons.

  • If you can, arrive early. Our camp has had some interesting adventures trying to set up camp at night.
  • You can never have enough tarps for this event. We have used them to protect us from the torrential downpours and the scorching sun. They can also be used to keep your firewood dry.
  • Bring lots of duct tape. You will be surprised how handy it is.
  • You don’t need to pack your car full of water. The water at Four Quarters is potable, so you can drink it (just bring something to carry it in). But if you want to bring some water for yourself, feel free.
  • Bring firestarters or plan on picking them up from Bob Rutt at Camp Firestarter. It will make your life so much easier when staring your campfire.
  • Try and keep as little food and beverages open as possible in your camp or bring lots of fly traps. Remember, we are camping in the middle of the woods.
  • If you decide to camp near Sound Town and you want to sleep at night, bring some earplugs. If you want to camp near Sound Town and you want to party, we will see you down there.
  • It can get COLD at night. Bring something warm to sleep in and if you have an air mattress, keep something between it and the ground (or you and it). We use wool blankets. They are compact and warm.
  • It’s really easy to dehydrate when you are out having a good time and exploring the awesomeness of this event. Drink lots of water. Pickles can help you feel better. Seriously.
  • We have found that Pedialyte works great for helping next day hangovers.
  • Clothing is optional here. That being said, if you do wear clothes, remember that natural fibers breathe best in the heat (cotton, linen).
  • The swimming holes are fantastic. Bring inflatables.
  • This is a “giving without receiving” event. Bring something to gift, even if it’s a talent. Helping people goes a long way and this helps make the event awesome!
  • Cell phones, for the most part, won’t work too well. Remember to let people know that you will be out of touch.
  • Check your tent BEFORE getting there. Waterproof it and check for holes.
  • First aid kits are always a good idea.
  • Bring flashlights or something that will help others see you at night. It also makes nightly Porta Potty runs MUCH EASIER.
  • Carry around a cup (or mug), utensils and a bowl. Some camps will gift food and drinks.  We will be having a BBQ on Friday night, so come and eat our food!
  • WASH Your HANDS, early and often, and remind other people to do it before you share food with them.
  • There are hot showers and flush toilets! That being said you might want to have some toilet paper handy, just in case. Also, let your towels, shower caddy, etc dry in the sun.
  • The Coffee Dragons and Bread and Circus are awesome!
  • Remember your drums, fire poi, etc for the Burn!
  • Ziploc everything in your coolers (or Ziploc your ice). Melted ice makes everything in your cooler super gross.
  • If you have a screen tent, use it for you kitchen. This keeps the bugs out.
  • If you plan on drinking at the bottom of the big hill (Soundtown), remember that you have to walk up it.
  • If you take medications, especially Decongestants, wait a few hours before you start drinking. The two don’t mix well together.
  • If you can, vacuum seal some of your favorite foods to eat later at the event.
  • Keep your hands free! It gives you the opportunity to play!
  • If you see MOOP pick it up! Garbage stinks.
  • Bring Sunscreen.
  • Let go and have a great time! Everyone here is super nice and fantastic! Remember, this is all about radical self expression! Be YOURSELF in all of your awesome glory!