First Timer’s Guide


If it’s your first Burn, or you’re not a seasoned camper in general, it can be nerve-wracking to figure out what you should bring. Here’s a list of items that should help. We’ll start with the essentials, then tell you about some nice-to-have items. Wickerman is a Leave No Trace event, so all your trash will have to be carried out with you. It’s also a good idea to unpackage things as much as possible before you bring them. Reduce your trash before the trip!

* Your ticket
* Your I.D.
* Some cash for firewood and ice which are both sold on site. DO NOT bring fire wood from outside the area, it’s illegal in PA.
* Something to sleep in like a tent. Check your tent BEFORE getting to the burn.  Waterproof it and check for holes.
* A tarp for under your tent, tent stakes and a hammer or mallet
* Sleeping gear – mattress, sleeping bag, pillows & blankets
* Clothes, costumes, wigs, makeup.  Be ready for chilly weather at night and/or rain. DO NOT bring feathers, especially feather boas – they shed & make a mess
* Hygiene items – toothbrush and paste, deodorant, soap etc. Towels and bath items if you want to shower. Shower shoes!
* Camp chair!
* A headlamp to get around at night and batteries for everything that needs batteries
* All medications & supplements.  A basic first aid kit, Insect repellant, Sunscreen & sunglasses
* Food and a way to heat or cook it if necessary, reusable dishes and utensils
* Drinks. You don’t need to bring bottled water. The water at Four Quarters is 100% potable (it’s tested). Bring a container to carry it in. You can find the spigots spread about and just off the main road.
* A cup to carry with you
* Garbage bags – it’s carry in, carry out. If you smoke, bring a portable ashtray (metal mint and candy containers work great for this)

Great-to-Have Stuff:
* Extra toilet paper, Wet wipes, Ziplock bags for used wet wipes (don’t flush them, even if they say they are flushable and never put them in a porta potty)
* Water shoes for showers and for the swimming holes. A bathing suit if you don’t want to skinny dip
* Lanterns and lights for around your camp – inexpensive battery operated string lights are great for around camp
* Drums, fire poi, etc. for the Burn!
* Gifts to give
* Gallon ziplocks for the ice in your cooler
* Lighter if you want to start a fire
* Roll of paper towels
* Ear plugs for sleeping

The official address (and Google Maps link):
 Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary, 190 Walker Lane, Artemas, PA 17211
Office Phone number: (814) 784-3080

If you can, arrive early/during daylight.  Setting up camp in the dark is not fun.

Your first stop is the Farm House. Check in, fill out your required paperwork, and get a wristband. Don’t worry about “where is the Farm House?” You can’t miss it.

Driving is one-way traffic only for most of the drive through Four Quarters. It is 2-way traffic only for a short distance after you pass the parking field. The only way to get your car back to the parking lot is to drive all the way around the loop until you reach the one-way road uphill at Big Bottom. Go uphill and turn right onto the main road. Take it slow! People are walking around!

The rule with cars is: WE ARE ANTI CAR! You can drive your car in to drop off stuff at your site, but promptly take it back to parking. The walk back is the BEST because you meet people and learn the land! There is no car camping at this event except in the Hill Top camping area, and it will be marked.

*Contact WickerMan Committee if you have a oversized vehicle.

When parking in the field, park close together so that all the cars will fit/we reduce wear on the land.

IF YOU ARE CAMPING WITH A THEME CAMP: Drive around and look for a sign for your camp’s area. It will be on a tree, with taped-off perimeters for your group. Camp within the marked perimeters of your camp. Please leave perimeter markings up for the first few days so that other campers won’t set up in your area (unless you invite them!)

IF YOU ARE FREESTYLE CAMPING: Do not set up camp within the marked perimeters of an established theme camp without permission. There is plenty of space all around, both near theme camps and further away, but you need to explore a little. Ask other campers for information – most people are happy to help and share their knowledge of the land! In short, don’t worry about not finding a spot.

Don’t worry about needing 4-wheel drive. Cars of all sizes have been here before. Just take it slow on the drive in and don’t drive off the road and you’ll be fine!

If you are a handicapped member of the WickerFam, please contact 4QF about your questions and needs. Just a warning…this is not what we would call a “handicap-accessible event”. Yes, you can be driven to your camp. However, there is a big hill here, with camping at the top (Hilltop, High Meadow, etc.) and the bottom (North Crook, Big Bottom, etc.). WickerFam with mobility issues either stay up top or at the bottom during their stay. It all depends on what is best for your particular situation  and what 4QF can do for you.


Cell phones, for the most part, work well; but some don’t.  Remember to let people know that you will be out of touch.

If you need help, look for Rangers. They will be wearing a bright orange vest that says “RANGER” on it. They regularly walk around the land, making sure we’re all okay. If you need to find a Ranger, Ranger HQ is with the Medic team over by the Starving Artists Kitchen. Medical team has the same orange vests, but they say “MEDIC” on them.

Check your camp area for poison ivy. No really, it’s a thing here. Do not walk barefoot throughout the land!

You can never have enough tarps for this event.  You can use them to protect from downpours or to provide shade. They can also keep your firewood dry.

Ice and Firewood are sold onsite. You can get those items up at the Farm House during open hours or in-camp. Please do not bring in wood from elsewhere or another state – because of Emerald Ash Borer in PA -it’s illegal! Fire rings are mandatory and FREE! They are usually located near Coffee Dragons.

There are two pavilions with showers and flush toilets! One is up at High Meadow by Coffee Dragons and one is at the bottom of the hill next to Sound Town. Keep some toilet paper handy, just in case. Let your towels, shower caddy, etc. dry in the sun.

When using the flush toilets or the porta-potties, SIT DOWN so you don’t dribble on the seat. If you just can’t bring yourself to sit, then please wipe the seat after. If we all work together, we can keep the facilities nice and clean. Also, put down the lid afterwards to help the blue liquid keep the stank out!

Porta-potties and water spigots are located throughout the land. There is always a water spigot located in proximity to a porta-potty, as well as adjacent to both shower pavilions. There are additional spigots located throughout as well, usually near the main road through camp. Look down – they are lower to the ground. Please do NOT wash yourself or your dishes at the water spigot.

If you have a screen tent, use it for your kitchen.  This keeps the bugs out.

Try and keep as little food and beverages open as possible in your camp or bring lots of fly traps.  Remember, we are camping in the middle of the woods.  

If you can, vacuum seal some of your favorite foods to eat later at the event. Ziploc your ice inside your cooler.  Melted ice makes everything in your cooler super gross. And the melted ice in the ziplock can be used as drinking water.

Our location is in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains….so it can get COLD at night. Bring something warm to sleep in. If you have an air mattress, keep something between it and the ground (or you and it).  Wool blankets work well.  They are compact and warm.

We deeply love this land and we want to help maintain it! Please pick up MOOP (Matter Out of Place). Take care of your cigarette butts. An empty Altoids tin helps with this.


This burn prides itself on actively promoting and practicing the 10(+1) principles of Burning Man. Please become acquainted with the principles if you have not yet and live them!

The 11th principle is CONSENT

The best way to get involved is to sign up as a volunteer! We have positions for newcomers, socialites, and introverts! Just head on over at the WickerMan Volunteer Page. At the event, you can confirm your times or volunteer last minute with the Master Volunteer Schedule at the Greeter station by parking.

If you need some someone to talk to at any point during the event, we have a Sanctuary at WickerMan. Seek it out if you need assistance! Sanctuary is located near Ranger HQ/Medical team over by the Starving Artists Kitchen.

Please do not “help yourself” to a theme camp’s items or kitchen without the camp’s permission. Please only take what a camp has expressly gifted you.

People at burns usually hug hello rather than shaking hands. It’s ok to decline a hug if that’s not your thing, just be ready for lots of offers.

Lost & Found is located by The Coffee Dragons.

Clothing is optional here. That being said, if you do wear clothes, remember that natural fibers breathe best in the heat (cotton, linen).

The swimming holes are fantastic.  Bring inflatables. Water shoes are also a great idea as the shoreline is rocky!

Carry around a cup (or mug), utensils, and a bowl. Some camps will gift food and drinks. It helps to clip your mug to yourself with a carabiner.

We are very lucky to have a full coffee camp next to the upper potty & shower pavilion. The Coffee Dragons make coffee for everyone every morning.

If you take medications, especially decongestants, wait a few hours before you start drinking.  The two don’t mix well together.

It’s really easy to dehydrate when you are out having a good time and exploring the awesomeness of this event.  Drink lots of water. Pickles can help you feel better.  

Keep your hands free!  It gives you the opportunity to play!

Let go and have a great time!  Everyone here is super nice and fantastic!  Remember, this is all about radical self expression!

Be YOURSELF in all of your awesome glory!