Building The Man

Take a look at what the folks at TransFormus did last year.

A GREAT example of design and build, our complements!

Transformus 2018 effigy

    The double ascending spiral stair cases are nice, although our own liability insurance would probably not allow the rope hand-rails. The vertical shell towards the front, tapering shell at the back is excellent, bet there were plans to add fascia, but money, time and weather all impact the final results.
    The sculpted rib cage is nice work, eating up many saw blades. And a lighthouse head! Did it explode?

    Exploding heads are rather what we plan for our own Man in 2019, and we really, really really want to make his arms lift his head off when it explodes. We have already placed the orders for A LOT of wire controlled pyrotechnics to be built in, but now for the design.
    Early March we will be reaching out to form the Design/Build team. Plan is to arrive the weekend before WickerMan to begin the build; with shared food (beans and dogs most likely) and a lot of work. If you can’t start that early, it’s OK. Just show up when you can.

    Look to this page for announcements and first draft ideas, inspired by The TransFormites.