YOU create WickerMan. There is no pre-packaged booked content.  You are not a mere attendee but rather an active participant! Without you there is no WickerMan. Here are some ways to participate:

Make Something

Create an art installation, a theme camp, an art car, or a performance. Hook up with an existing project or make your own.

Gift Something

WickerMan is a gift economy in which we give gifts without expecting anything in return. Gifts can be anything from a hug to a cup of coffee, breakfast, or even art your new WickerFriends can take home with them.


Join the build team for the EFFIGY!
Volunteer to help during set-up, Volunteer to greet fellow attendees, help with MOOP patrol, be a ranger, make coffee etc.. Oh, look, more information!

Bring Your Friends and share this web site!