Volunteer Positions!

(Link to volunteer sign-up located after descriptions)


Help people get signed in! Gate/Registration is where people get checked in, snag a bracelet, and roll into the party.  Help us help everyone to get to the party quicker!

First time burner and veteran alike look forward to the smiling faces that welcome them home.  Are you a people person? Perhaps a greeter shift is for you.  Our greeter station will be set up near parking.  Stop by to share your bright personality and get some hugs (with consent of course) Now right near parking!

Are you a Wickerman vet?  Do you know the lay of the land and how we do things?  Want to help your fellow burners learn about 4 quarters and all it has to offer?  Information volunteers do that thing!  Answer questions and guide people to where they need to be (don’t worry we give you a Cheat sheet). You will be stationed at the Information Desk in camp (location TBD).

Not a fan of schmoozing but still want to help out? New to Wicke rman and want to jump in on a nice easy volunteer job cause you’re already an awesome burner?Join the parking crew! Direct cars, get them nice and close, and help reduce wear and tear on the land!

Do you like helping people and keeping folks safe?  Would you like to be a source of information to your fellow burners? Then maybe Rangers is the place for you to 1volunteer! There is no better way to get to know your fellow burners (and get your exercise).

Health is important to you, your health is important to us! Do you like helping people in need? Do you have First Aid training? If so then Medical would be a great place for you! Help folks remember to hydrate, apply Festive band-aids and kiss Boo Boos (with consent of course) to help make them better.

Sometimes everybody just needs a quiet, safe place to chill.  At Wickerman that place is Sanctuary. Are you a calm and nurturing person? If so, then Sanctuary may just be the place for you!  Our Sanctuary volunteers are part water bearer, part counselor.  Do you have all the love to share?

You read all that stuff up there?  You wanna sign up to help out?  Of course you do! You’re a burner at WickerMan!  You know our volunteers are who really hold everything down. Good news! All our volunteer sign up sheets have been put on a 3rd party website to help keep us organized! Access them all in one place without needing to make a special account! Woo hoo!

Click this link to get to the volunteer sign-ups on Signup.com

So click on that link, fill out your info on a shift you can do, in a group that makes you say “Yes! I have these skills and I wanna share them with my fellow burners!”  Make this the most awesome Wickerman yet. For you, For Your fellow burners, Be all that you can be!!!  Sorry, got a little over enthused there.

Inspirational speech over…

(web guy Josh would like you to know that he is being punished severely with whips and being forced to type “I will not use confused inspirational speeches and Army mottoes to recruit volunteers on the Wickerman page” 10,000 times)